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A New Strategy to Meet the Needs of the Elderly

Information that might be of particular interest to our caregiver community...

A New Strategy to Meet the Needs of the Elderly   by Alan Lipton


Geriatric Care Management:

Getting older isn't what it used to be. There was a time when senior members of the community lived amongst their extended family, relying on their children or grandchildren for support. But as the Baby Boomer generation pushes the population's media age higher and higher, and as each generation seems to move farther and farther from its geographical roots, the act of younger generations caring for their elderly relatives is becoming less common. Nowadays, the elderly must find alternative ways to receive the type of care they need, though many seniors are reluctant to move into retirement homes or assisted living facilities.


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The New Old Age

Caring and Coping NYT
  • I was unsympathetic when my mother complained of strange dizzy spells. Who’s sorry now?

  • Revealed: the semi-secret phone numbers that beneficiaries are supposed to use to complain to Medicare.

  • What I'd thought was depression was really was something else.

  • Medicare's rating system for nursing homes is seriously flawed, The Times reports.

  • More Medicare beneficiaries are not taking prescribed medications or forgoing basic needs to pay for them, a new study finds.

  • A home health aide cannot sue a couple with dementia for an injury sustained while caring for them, the California Supreme Court has ruled.

  • Substance abuse is not uncommon among seniors in nursing homes. A novel rehab program aims to address that.

  • A federal law intended to reform nursing homes requires that a registered nurse be on-site only eight hours a day — whatever the size of the facility.